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Dryopteris stewartii 15cm Pot Size B076M4Z34F
Semi-evergreen with bright yellow-green emerging fronds. Tough and easy. Himalaya. Very hardy (to-2..
£32.11 £23.64
Adiantum Pedatum Imbricatum Western Maidenhear Fern Plant in 13 cm Pot B00N2T5RA4
Product Description Western maidenhair is of delicate appearance - a..
£23.64 £23.22
Athyrium filix femina Frizelliae fern Lady Fern Hardy Fern 9cm Pot Ferns Shrubs Plants B014YOOWYM
The Athyrium filix-femina Frizelliae is also commonly known as a Lady Fern. It is a deciduous hardy..
£25.18 £15.84
Polystichum setiferum AGM B002TD6064
Soft Sheild Fern. Hardy evergreen. Architectural specimen. Beautiful, with grey green lacy soft fro..
£27.01 £15.06
Dryopteris Affinis Male Fern Sent in 9cm pot 3 B01JLH0DDQ
Our own native male fern with fronds 1.5m long in an upright rosette formation. Semi evergreen. Sui..
£33.53 £25.30
Nephrolepis exaltata Emina Fern in a 12cm Pot Cleans the Air! B01EHKTCDO
Nephrolepis 'Emina' is also known as the Boston Fern and the Fashionista Fern. It is a really easy-..
£30.30 £12.40
PACK OF 3 Dryopteris atrata Shield Fern Grown in 9cm Pot Evergreen Fern B00EXV4436
The Dryopteris atrata is also known as the Shaggy Field Fern. It is a tall growing (up to 90cm) ev..
£28.48 £19.76
gardenexpert 16012 Dryopteris ErythrosoraBrilliance Plant in 15 cm Pot Green B01JYTPXZO
Product Description A handsome fern, slowly creeping, forming triang..
£35.47 £25.50
Polystichum Makinoi Fern in a 13cm Pot B015A8WLXA
Polystichum Makinoi.The lustrous, olive-green fronds of Polystichum makinoi make it a unique and in..
£33.77 £13.54
Blechnum spicant Fern Sent in 9cm pot 1 B00S3K2FLQ
Evergreen fern with a creeping rhizomes and simply pinnate, leathery fronds up to 15cm that often h..
£28.56 £13.01
Platycerium bifurcatum Staghorn Fern Sent in 12cm pots 1 B07B7Q25T7
This epiphytic fern can be found naturally growing on the trunks and branches of trees in Java/ New..
£23.56 £16.78
Polystichum setiferum Plumosum Densum B002TD7WXO
Mossy Soft Shield Fern. Hardy dwarf. Finely divided and heavily congested overlapping pinnae. Good ..
£28.68 £15.68
Umbrella Bamboo Ideal Screening for Garden Bamboo Plant Fast Growing Arching Yellow Green Canes Perfect for Urban Areas 2 x Fargesia Murieliae 36 Litre Pots by Thompson and Morgan B07G2J1XQ5
The fargesia murieliae, known more commonly as the umbrella bamboo hits a perfect middle ground of ..
£43.72 £31.91
Dryopteris dilatata Crispa Whiteside AGM B002TCWUP0
Broad Buckler Fern. Moist soil or by a pond ideal. Shuttlecocks of light green, crisped and congest..
£28.46 £15.61
Athyrium filix femina 15cm Pot Size B013P7AMPC
Product Description Lady Fern. Handsome fern with upright shuttlecoc..
£25.18 £16.97
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