6 different Tillandsia Set B00CJB24KW

6 different Tillandsia Set B00CJB24KW
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6 of the most popular Tillandsia Set

- Ideal for self-designing Tillandsia Packages -
you get 6 different Tillandsia from our range our selection.
variety selection by the buyer is unfortunately not possible.

You selection of varieties depends on the current stock and can not deviate from the picture
Home: Guatemala / Mexico

Plant size : about 6-20 cm

bright, warm window seat, if possible with high humidity (eg bathrooms)

in summer enjoy being outdoors in a partially shaded location
Tillandsias are also very good for humid terrarium

every 2-3 days with rain water spray

the lime in hard water would the tiny scales, the

the Tillandsia absorbs the water, clog

in summer, about every 2 weeks with
tillandsia or bromeliad fertilizer
in the spray water fertilize

in winter approximately every 4 weeks

6 different Tillandsia Set B00CJB24KW

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