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Perfect Plants Aloe Vera house plant in a 105cm pot Houseplant Green 30 cm B076HR8MMZ
Product Description Aloe vera in a 10.5 cm pot ..
£82.62 £26.60
Perfect Plants Lipstick Echeveria Agavoides Succulent Plant in a 12 cm Pot Green 18 cm B076YQ5R6W
Product Description Echeverie agavoides 'Lipstick' ..
£77.59 £26.75
Queen of the Night Selenicereus grandiflorus 12cm Pot B0156557DS
The Queen of the Night is a legend among cactuslovers everywhere.Its impressive giant yellow and wh..
£74.21 £22.92
Screw Cactus Cereus peruvianus tortuosus 10cm Pot B07D4C8P4Z
Screw Cactus - Cereus peruvianus tortuosusExceptional cactus with rotating, thread-like growth habi..
£69.15 £51.61
Artificial Agave Succulent Plant in Round Pot 23cm Decorative Succulent Plants B0762TNLGC
Artificial Agave Succulent Plant 23cm tall; Attractive green and purple spiky leaves; Attractive re..
£74.34 £26.85
Hardy Agave Americana Mediopicta Plant in 3L Pot B071Z9KBVP
A stunning and striking architectural plant that suits modern garden designs, or desert and cactus ..
£99.42 £43.57
Large Opuntia Prickly Pear Plant in a 17cm Pot B06XX25V66
Opuntia vulgaris is often known as the prickly pear cactus. The fruits of these plants can be eaten..
£72.67 £51.93
Echeveria Magic Red Succulent Plant B00J7QJ3Z6
Product Description Echeveria Magic Red. A stunning red variety of a..
£62.39 £22.11
Aloe Vera Plant in Terracotta colour 12 cm Pot B00LY7AMV0
Product Description Sold in a 12cm pot and sleeved, so great for a g..
£99.63 £25.96
Crassula Ovata 1 Plant House / Office Live Indoor Pot Money Penny Tree In 12cm Pot B06ZYMLR4P
Crassula ovata Minor is also known as Crassula ovata Minima it has glossy green thick fleshy leaves..
£94.59 £19.01
Tillandsia Melanocrater House/Office Live Indoor Air Plants For Arrangments Terrariums and Vivariums 5 B07CWY7DC4
The Tillandsia Melanocrater is a unique species that occurs in various colors. The pointed leaves o..
£70.68 £30.74
Money plant Crassula ovata Hummels Sunset house plant in 17cm pot Jade tree succulent B01M0IX1B1
A large jade plant , which is also known as a money tree. These succulent house plants are reputed ..
£65.83 £25.87
Aloe alfonsina Succulent House Plant in a 13cm Pot Rarely seen B06WW3H52H
Aloe alfonsina is a high unusual form of the Aloe vera which has the most striking foliage. The lea..
£60.79 £19.87
Aloe Vera plant 35cm tall in a 105cm pot B00JBED41I
Aloe Vera plant 35cm tall in a 105cm pot B00JBED41I..
£80.90 £23.46
Aloe mitriformis Succulent House Plant in a 17cm Pot x 1 B078YY9G14
Aloe mitriformis is a succulent house plant with thick, short leaves that are arranged in a rosette..
£91.24 £33.51
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